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Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammāsambuddhassa



Bodhiology: A Textbook on Buddhist Psychology _ has been published and is now available for ordering on the bodhibeda website.



Bodhiology n (bodhi + (o) + logy) 1. A new department of human science that studies concepts and methods regarding the phenomenon of awakening;  

2. The Science Of Awakening.

3. Abhidhamma psychology.

4. The system of consciousness models. 

5. The science of liberation.

6. Buddhist psychology.

7. A comprehensive modern reconstruction and systemization of psychological concepts and methods taught by the Buddha.

8. The first large-scale attempt to transform speculative academic Buddhist studies into a systematic scientific discipline with experimental orientation and societal and personal applications.

Bodhi is a Pāļi term and means awakening; logy comes from a Greek word 'logos' meaning reason, speech, or account, and is suffixed to words to mean the science or theory of something indicated by the preceding term.



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