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Textual Studies In Advanced Pali Texts


The Journal of Bodhiology


The journal contains a translation of Sabba Sutta Commentary and modern subcommentary on it. As Samyutta Nikāya Commentary is not available in English translation, my translation might well be the first of its kind. 

And, as the original commentary is suitable only for advanced Pāļi scholars who have expertise in technical details of Buddhist psychology, I felt the need to write a modern subcommentary on the commentary.

The translation has been done only on the beginning  main portion of the original commentary. This decision was made to give more time to writing the modern subcommentary on the technical details of the commentary. The remaining portion will be translated in future, and I will also write modern subcommentary on it as well.

Sabba Sutta is the Buddha's discourse on all things that exist or happen.





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