Textual Studies In Pali Tipitaka


Serious students and researchers of Buddhism can now do Textual Studies in Pali Tipitaka under The Metaschool Of Bodhiology.

Textual studies in Pali Tipitaka cover the Pali original texts, their standard commentaries (Atthakathaa), standard subcommentatries (Mula Tikaa), Sub-subcommentaries (Anutikaa), and other commentarial works.

A researcher, who usually would have done some Pali, can choose any Pali text or texts for indepth study, and will receive step by step guidance and supervision.

A researcher may want to do textual studies in Pali texts for the following reasons.

1. To become a professional translator of Pali Buddhist texts.

2. To write a book on a particular topic or topics in Pali Buddhist texts.

3. To equip oneself with necessary research data and sources for writing dissertations for postgraduate studies at a university.

The Metaschool specializes in advanced Pali texts such as commentaries and subcommentaries, and welcomes expressions of interest in any level of textual studies.


How about sending your initial proposal to suanluzaw@bodhiology.org ?



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Textual Studies In Advanced Pali Texts